Need a new fence installation for a home in Lubbock? We are the local fence pros who give you all services under one roof. We'll measure your yard, help pick the perfect materials—aluminum, vinyl, chain link, dog run, wood, or custom metal—and install it with skill and care. We're the best for Fence Installation in Lubbock Texas.

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Why Choose Lubbock Fence Company?

We understand the importance of having a well-secured and aesthetically pleasing fence surrounding your Lubbock property in the locality. Whether you are looking for enhanced privacy, protection for your loved ones, or a simple touch of elegance to beautify your curb appeal, We are one of the leading fence companies lubbock in the City of Lubbock, Texas, that specializes in providing high-quality fence installation services. Our services are well-known for being one of the most trustworthy business firms providing these fencing services in this part of Texas. Fence Company Lubbock takes great pride in its unrivaled ability to provide first-rate fencing solutions in the City of Lubbock and its neighboring areas.

These are the fences in Lubbock services that consistently result in intense, sturdy, and long-lasting fencing. These are the kind of right fence solutions known for their low cost and always result in fencing that requires only minor maintenance throughout their lives. These Fence Lubbock services allow clients to customize their fencing to meet their needs and preferences. We will always move heaven and earth to provide optimum client satisfaction. In this regard, our track record in this region of Florida is second to none, and our competitors typically pale in comparison. Lubbock Fence Company consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that all homeowners who use its fencing solutions are delighted. We make it a point to ensure that we can provide the best fencing services money can buy in Lubbock and its surrounding areas.

Our Fence Services in Lubbock

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence offers durability, low maintenance, versatility, style, weather resistance, longevity, and privacy enhancement.

Wood Fence

The wood fence blends timeless aesthetics with durability, natural appeal, and customizable options.

Aluminum Fence

The aluminum fence combines lightweight construction with durability, versatility, sleek design, and security enhancement.

Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence provides an economical, durable, low-maintenance, and versatile fencing solution for various needs.

Dog Run Fence

The dog run fence provides a secure, durable, and pet-friendly enclosure, offering customizable features and versatile benefits for pet safety and play.

Iron Fence

The iron fence combines timeless elegance with durable security, low maintenance, versatile design, and enhanced property aesthetics.

Top Rated Fence Company in Lubbock Texas

If you are unfamiliar with adequately installing every lubbock fence company, having an experienced expert ensures that everything is done right and that no mistakes are made during installation. Contractors frequently guarantee their work with the best work, which pays for additional labor and materials if any problems are discovered on your newly erected Fence.  

Furthermore, depending on the size of your project, contractors may be able to obtain supply discounts, fence contractor lubbock which might result in you saving more money than you spent on their services in the first place. Compare this to paying the total price for materials yourself.

Professionals are faster

Inexperienced DIYers will have to conduct all of their research and preparation through our fence company lubbock tx. Furthermore, the job may require additional tools and abilities than you currently possess. It’s critical to appropriately judge the task’s difficulty before beginning so you don’t go over your head. Furthermore, if something goes wrong during installation because of inexperience or a lack of understanding of necessary practices, you are liable for repairing it by the best fence company lubbock.

They Have More Knowledge

Another disadvantage is that without expert assistance, you are unlikely to achieve the high-quality outcomes that a contractor can deliver by the residential & commercial fence company lubbock. A professional installer of the american fence company lubbock has years of knowledge and competence that you will not be able to match by doing it independently. This can result in a lower-quality fence that wilts over time and may require repairs in the future.

High Quality Fence Installation in Lubbock Tx

Your property reflects your lifestyle and personality, and the perfect Fence can improve its security and attractiveness. At Lubbock Fence Company, we take great satisfaction in creating fences that protect and beautify your property. Let’s look at the various fences we specialize in, each customized to match your specific needs and tastes.

Vinyl Fence Installation Lubbock

Vinyl fences are a fantastic alternative for people looking for a durable and low-maintenance fence. They are rot, bug, and fade-resistant, giving them a long-lasting investment. Our vinyl fence lubbock is available in various colors and styles, allowing you to match your fence perfectly to the exterior of your home. They are made of plastic, are easy to clean, and come in various neutral colors. Because of its greater durability against rain, snow, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, vinyl fencing is suitable for your fencing needs. Those PVC fences have evolved, allowing most family-owned businesses to experiment with new designs and even split their plants and yards in previously unthinkable ways. We believe in providing a pleasant and trouble-free experience for our clients. As a result, we offer full-service fencing and installation to handle all aspects of your vinyl fence job. From the first consultation and design to the final installation, we will work closely with you to understand your objectives and create amazing results.

  • Low maintenance and durability.

  • Excellent for garden, farm, and pool fences. It can also be used for decoration and security.

  • Pre-assembled panels and user-friendly kits are available.

  • It does not need to be stained or painted.

Wood Fence Installation Lubbock

Wood fences are common in semi-urban and rural locations throughout the United States and Canada, and they are graded based on the beauty of the wood. Clear, premium, select, standard, and quality wooden fencing are rated in descending order. They create a work of art by flawlessly integrating aesthetics and utility into your property. You can use them for various functions, such as privacy fences, pool fence lubbock, and decorative fences, or you can customize them to match the style of your home. Discover how adaptable wood fences may be for your outdoor living space. Our wood fence company lubbock offers the greatest privacy, security, pet enclosures, and erosion control options. 

  • A wooden fence can offer warmth and coziness to your property.

  • The price of a wood fence is determined by the thickness of the planks used, the quality of the wood, and the height and length.

  • Wood fences come in various styles, including panels, lattices, posts, pickets, and logs.

  • Selecting a wood that can resist the weather fluctuations in your area is critical. It should ideally be termite-resistant and weatherproof.

  • Wooden fences can be left natural or painted.

  • It should be noted that wood is not fire resistant and may not remain stable during temperature fluctuations – it will contract and expand.

  • Professional assistance may be required to increase its durability and ensure accurate screwing.

Chain Link Fence Installation Lubbock

Chain link fences may be found in nearly any place. They can be found in various settings, including schools, houses, parks, resorts, industrial facilities, etc.

They go by a variety of names. In some areas, it is also called cyclone fence, while in others, it is called hurricane fence. It is also known as a wire mesh fence, chain-wire Fence, or diamond mesh fence.  

  • Those fences require low maintenance and cost, and chain link fencing is commonly employed in commercial buildings and construction sites.

  • Latches, gates, and posts are optional.

  • Installation is quick and simple.

  • It can be coated or galvanized for corrosion protection.

  • Prevents stray animals from entering.

  • Fence slats can reduce noise, wind, and dust while adding privacy.

You can count on us to manage your fencing requirements professionally and expertly. We are confident that you have seen several of these chain link fence lubbock in your lifetime. We cringe when we see fences that have completely collapsed and are hanging by a thread. Something has to be clarified here. These fences are more than simply a cheap method to construct a wall. When properly constructed, they can provide enough safety and an attractive appearance for the property they protect.

Aluminum Fence Installation Lubbock

We can assist you if you require aluminum fence repair and installation in Lubbock. Local pros can meet all of your aluminum fence repair needs. Aluminum is my second favorite material after PVC because when you get an aluminum fence company lubbock and installation in you get an iron fence for half the price and half the work! 

  • They are attractive fences that are the ideal choice for your property, and they can be used for various purposes, including privacy fences, pool fences, and security fences.

  • Aluminum fencing is popular because of its strength and attractiveness.

  • It is a low-maintenance alternative for residential, commercial, and pool fencing.

  • Choose aluminum railing solutions for stairwells, balconies, decks, and terraces to improve safety and support. 

Our aluminum fence company, Lubbock, Texas, is primarily built with a keen eye for style, offering a classy appearance to your surroundings. With careful care and upkeep, these can last for many years. Because it is aluminum, you won’t have to worry about corrosion!

Iron Fence Installation Lubbock

An exquisite ornamental iron fence is the ideal combination of sophistication and functionality. Local home and business owners for iron fencing in Lubbock, TX, and when you see how we can adorn any property with a stunning and distinguished ornamental iron fence, you’ll do the same. Furthermore, wrought iron fences are far more durable than other fences. In general, these fences are simple to maintain, especially if they are painted. Painting a wrought iron fencing near me prevents microscopic pits from forming in the metal, which commonly gathers corrosive substances. 

  • One of the primary benefits of wrought iron fencing is that it is far more durable than other regularly used materials like vinyl or wood.

  • It is called “wrought iron” for a reason. The iron can be wrought into various designs and shapes, and the alloy itself is malleable and elastic in texture, making it ideal for designers and artists to shape into inventive patterns.

  • The last thing any homeowner or landlord wants to deal with is the hassle of maintaining their Fence; fortunately, these iron fences require very little care.

  • Wrought iron gates, known for their robustness, were built to keep attackers away for maximum security in homes or commercial premises. 

A wrought iron fence company in lubbock tx is more than simply a lovely addition to the decor of your property. Furthermore, these provide enough security and safety for the entire property. A well-designed, strong iron fence can repel burglars while also preventing unauthorized entry to your property.

Dog Run Fencing Installation Lubbock

A dog fence is a physical barrier to keep a dog within a specific area. It is also known as an invisible fence around or an underground fence. Dog fences are often built of wood, metal, or plastic and can be permanent or temporary. Traditional fences, for example, are the most popular style of Fence used to keep dogs in. They are available in several shapes, widths, and heights to meet your requirements. 

  • One of the most significant advantages of a dog fence is that it keeps your dog safe.

  • It might be tough to keep a constant check on your dog, especially if you have a large yard or live in the country.

  • A dog fence will keep your dog in the allocated area and keep it from wandering into unsafe places or busy roadways.

  • Another advantage of a dog fence is that it keeps your dog contained. This is especially critical if your property is vast or open.

  • A dog-run fence lubbock will keep your dog from wandering off and being lost or mischievous.

  • Knowing that your dog is safe and secure in the backyard will also offer comfort. 

There are numerous advantages to installing an enclosed fence for dogs. With a dog fence, your dog will be protected, contained, and out of mischief. It will also provide your dog with exercise and stimulation. A dog’s latest fencing techniques and technology will give you peace of mind, knowing your pet is safe and secure.


Privacy Fence Installation Lubbock

Adding a privacy fence to a property is one of the best ways to improve it. A privacy fence lubbock is a quick project significantly less disruptive to your daily routine than many other home modifications, yet numerous benefits remain! A temporary fencing solution protects outsiders from looking into your yard and keeps noise out. If you don’t want the rest of the neighborhood to hear your talks or if you don’t want to hear what your neighbors are saying, your Fence can act as a sound barrier. The Fence should have closely spaced pickets and be at least six feet tall for complete seclusion. 

  • One of the primary advantages of a temporary privacy fence is that it provides exactly that – privacy! A privacy fence limits the view of your property from neighboring residences by establishing a visual barrier.

  • Locked gates can be added to privacy fences.

  • Furthermore, they present another physical barrier for undesirable actors who may be attempting to access your home for nefarious reasons, making your property a more difficult target by default.

  • A good privacy fence can reduce street noise and other neighborhood bustles, allowing you to enjoy more peaceful outdoor rest.

  • This tool can also assist you in planning the ideal backyard vacation the next time you need a break. 

We will utilize time-tested installation procedures to ensure your new privacy fence will survive for decades. The staff will provide you with high-quality materials and exceptional attention to detail. Furthermore, these contractors will follow our regulations to protect your property while working. Only some home renovation companies in Lubbock, TX, can match care and quality.

Pool Fence Installation Lubbock

Parents, in particular, want to know that they have done everything possible to keep their houses safe for their children. A pool fence lubbock is an essential component of that safety plan. Whether you’ve had a pool for years and your present Fence needs to be replaced, or you’re thinking about adding a backyard pool but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ll need a fence that is both secure and complements your intended aesthetic. The good news is that there is no shortage of pool gate installation near me designs to choose from, and rather than being a blight on your backyard, they can enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space while also helping to make your pool safe for you and your family.  

  • According to state law, the pool fence for a pool placed into the ground must extend at least four feet above ground level.

  • Depending on where you live, residential restrictions established by subdivisions and localities may mandate pool fences to span five or even six feet. 

However, some types of pool fencing are unsuitable for the task. Fences that are too low or not strong enough to prevent unauthorized access may be unsafe for daily use, particularly if you have children or pets. It’s also true that pricing varies greatly from the bottom to the top of the market — and price may not signify security or trustworthiness, so it’s critical to think about everything before making a final decision.

Metal or Steel Fence Installation Lubbock

Stainless steel or metal is a robust, corrosion-resistant material that may be used for home fencing, creating a difficult-to-break barrier between your home and the outside world. On the other hand, stainless steel fence company lubbock is a more expensive option than aluminum and other materials. Steel fencing is often low-maintenance. However, if you see any dirt buildup, pool/lawn chemical residue, mold, mildew, or tree debris, these can be cleaned with soap and water.

If you detect any chips in the coating, you should repair them immediately so they don’t rust. Before applying a rust-inhibiting primer, paint the area with external enamel, sand, and wire to brush it.  

  • They are at once clean, modern, sharp, and attractive. Furthermore, they offer a sense of craftsmanship that other fence kinds do not.

  • The only maintenance your steel fence will require is an occasional spray-down with a water hose if it has accumulated dirt or mud.

  • The element of durability is also worth mentioning.

  • Unlike other fence materials, such as wood, you won’t have to worry about your steel fence decaying, splitting, storm damage, or the negative impacts of animals and insects.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Fence contractor cape coral installed aluminum fencing on my waterfront home that withstands storms and looks fantastic."
Adam Marsh
"My energy-efficient garden fence rebuild went off without a hitch - pleasant service staff, fair pricing, quality craftsmanship."
Emily Sanders
"Their team worked efficiently to replace old chain link fencing with attractive, tall wood fencing in my yard."
Brian Gonzalez

You will suffer if you waste time with a fence installation lubbock business that lies about its level of professionalism. That is why, if you need a fence repair in Lubbock, Texas, working with a lubbock fence repair business that cares about the end product is advisable! If you overlook a fence needing repair, it will only worsen! You will not only have to pay extra, but I am not sure how you will feel comfortable knowing you need a fence contractor lubbock has been broken! A broken fence is equivalent to leaving your front door open before bed! 

But don’t worry since our top-rated fence repair lubbock and installation business also specializes in fence repair! We will send one of our fencing contractors to your property to not only fix your Fence but also to examine the surrounding install or repair a fence to see if there is anything else wrong with it! If they discover anything, they will also repair your fence because that is the type of lubbock fence installation company we are in Lubbock, Texas. We do not benefit from providing poor service or attempting to perform less work; we always do our best and even better!

Fence installation and repair in the following locations near Lubbock.

Fence Contractor Lubbock Tx

It is critical to install a lubbock fence prices if you have a commercial or home pool. Why is it significant? I will tell you why it’s crucial, even though you probably already know. A pool fence is a critical safety measure. When you have a pool, it is effortless for an accident to occur. If you own a commercial pool, you are almost certain to face a lawsuit you do not want to face! Getting a lubbock fence contractor can also help to deter those large critters from going for a late-night swim. Finally, if you install a pool fence with a self-latching gate, you will never have to question if you closed it because it will do so automatically! 

These are just a few reasons a fence company lubbock texas is essential. We’re a fantastic idea! Your pool fence can come in various forms, including iron, PVC, wood, aluminum, mesh, and a chain-link fence! We do not propose installing a chain-link fence because they are easily climbed. However, this depends on the sort of chain link fence company lubbock reviews you purchase! It is especially frightening if you have children and do not have a pool barrier. So, now that you understand why a pool fence is a good idea, we recommend that you have one done by us; we are one of the top fence contractors lubbock tx installation companies.

Fence installation and repair in the following locations near Lubbock.

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About Lubbock City

Lubbock, Texas, is one of the major cities in the state and is best known as the birthplace of rock and roll superstar Buddy Holly. The city, the county seat of Lubbock County, is located in northwest Texas at the intersection of US Routes 62 and 84, about 60 miles east of the New Mexico border and 120 miles south of Amarillo. Interstate I-27, US Route 87, and Texas State Highway 114 are key thoroughfares serving Lubbock. Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock.

Lubbock was founded in 1876 and named after Thomas S. Lubbock, a former Texas Ranger and Confederate officer. The city was formed in 1909, shortly before the installation of rail service, which helped Lubbock become the region’s agricultural marketing center, garnering it the moniker “Hub of the Plains.” The National Ranching Heritage Centre: A ranching history museum with original early Texas ranch houses and a railway depot. The Buddy Holly Centre is a museum dedicated to the renowned rock and roll pioneer’s life and songs. The Silent Wings Museum: Photographs and artifacts from World War II glider pilots are displayed. The Science Spectrum: An interactive museum and IMAX Dome theatre aimed mostly at children. Mackenzie Park is home to Joyland Amusement Park, Prairie Dog Town, disc golf, and traditional golf courses. Our skilled professionals will work with you to understand your expertise and home renovation needs before providing speedy fence installation and repair services. Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation on your home’s exterior renovations!

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March 16, 1909
Mayor Tray Payne
1,900/sq mi (750/km2)
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